Snapchat Gender-Bending Fun!

Stephen Morettini, Staff Writer

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Recently, the extremely popular photo-texting app Snapchat has added a hilarious filter that has caught the attention of many teenage students on campus. Snapchat is well-known for the fun and weird filters, but the gender swap filters have started a trend.

“I feel like it makes me look like a man and I think it’s pretty funny,” said sophomore Makenna Jentgen.

Some people want to know what they would look like as a boy or a girl, and now that they can social media is being flooded with funny pictures and memes. Boys with long hair and makeup and girls with scruffy beards are disturbing but funny at the same time.

“It makes me uncomfortable because some of my guy friends are too attractive,” said senior Evan Hyman.

Lots of people are enjoying this new filter and, for most, this filter only serves for the purpose of comedic value.

“It’s pretty useless in my opinion, most of the Snapchat filters are. It’

s only use is for comical value,” said sophomore Jace Golka.