Mental Health Awareness at Oakmont

Ciaran Henderson, Staff Writer & Website Manager

The month of May is dedicated to Mental Health Awareness and Oakmont’s wellness center is orchestrating multiple events throughout the month to get the conversation started about mental health.

“It’s important, and correlating it with Mental Health Awareness Month brings awareness and helps eliminates the stigma for students and teachers alike who are struggling,” Wellness and Prevention Coordinator Cristina Dobon-Claveau said.

The current events that are going to be taking place are the following:

  • Week of May 20 – Collaboration with Student Government for Dude, Be Nice Week
  • Week of May 27 – Offering mindfulness and help for test anxiety

All events will be taking place during lunch or during intervention.

“If we’re talking about mental health as a school, it might be helpful for someone who is apprehensive to get help. That’s why we’re planning all of these events,” Dobon-Claveau said.

All month staff will be wearing green ribbons on their attire, to commemorate people struggling from mental health problems.