Q&A about Water Polo with Holly Owen

Sophomore Holly Owens has been playing water polo for two years here at Oakmont.

Kylee Montgomery, Staff Writer

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Do you like water polo? Why or why not?

HO: Yes, I like water polo because I like being surrounded by my amazing teammates.

What made you interested in playing water polo?

HO: I actually joined off a dare, because before [I joined] I did not know how to swim properly.

What do you like about playing goalie?

HO: I like the feeling of adrenaline when the ball comes at me.

Would you ever want to play water polo outside of Oakmont? Why or why not?

HO: No, I do not want to because I love my teammates so I play here. If they were different people, I probably wouldn’t play.

What are some things you  want to improve on when playing water polo?

HO: I would want to work on my distance when throwing, because I would like to be able to make a shot from the goal.