Book Review of Sacred Heart

Isabella Hamilton, Staff Writer

  Liz Suburbia’s debut graphic novel, Sacred heart is an unconventional take on a ‘coming of age’ story. The novel is set in a town where there are no adults and people start mysteriously being murdered. The story follows the teenagers in the town, especially Ben, a teenage girl navigating her way through all the struggles of becoming independent.  

  This story has a taste of everything: murder, romance, mystery, humor, and rock. What brings this novel together is the dry humor, punk rock aspects and the hope that things will go back to ‘normal.’

  This book does bring about many questions about authority and order in a community where there are no adults and teens rule themselves. Shown through the experiences and memories the teens in the town, it becomes clear that the teens are anxiously awaiting their parent’s arrival wondering why they left in the first place.

 The novel has nods to horror movies and has subtle similarities to Lord of the Flies by William Golding. Both stories detail the primitive nature that young people regress to in the absence of authority, eventually ending in bloodshed.

  The monochromatic illustrations are beautiful and make the story come to life, giving the reader a look into the world of Ben and her peers.

 All the teens in the town wonder when their parents are coming back, or if they ever will come back. The real mystery is why did they leave?  

  I loved the book, although I feel that the ending was a bit confusing, prompting me to re-read the novel again.

  That aside, if you are interested in graphic novels and mystery, I highly suggest you take the time to read this novel.