A new face on campus

New campus monitor Keith Stewart.

Raeann Navarro

New campus monitor Keith Stewart.

Emily Rojas, Staff Writer, Photographer, Editor, & Designer

Recently campus monitor Ramonica has taken the remainder of the school year off. Keith Stewart will be around Oakmont keeping things in order until she returns.

Stewart has worked as a campus monitor for nearly five years around campuses throughout the Natomas and Sacramento School Districts.

“[Being a campus monitor] is kind of like being a bridge between students and administration,” Stewart said. “Stuff out here in the [quad] is my area. I deal with the problems out here.”

Stewart also talks about what being a good campus monitor means to him.

“You have to get along with the students; you have to build a relationship with them,” Stewart said. “Most of all, you have to give respect to get respect. [Also] being sensitive towards them, because teenage years are some of the hardest years of their lives.”

Stewart enjoys  his new position on campus, as well as how students respectfully follow the Viking Expectations.

“You guys are good kids,” Stewart said. “You guys are really focused on school and listen. It’s not like other schools I’ve worked at before.”