The Key Component of Oakmont Clubs

One of the largest clubs at Oakmont, spanning nationwide, is Key Club. This club strives to encourage and build leadership amongst its members, and assist the surrounding community through volunteer work. Key Club inspires action in the communities that grow strong relationships with people from all kinds of backgrounds.


When clubs or organizations are formed some will require its members to take a pledge to be integrated into the club. Key club is, in fact, one of these clubs and the pledge is, ”I pledge on my honor to uphold the objects of key club; to build my home, community, and school; and combat all forces that tend to undermine these intentions,” this goes along perfectly with their motto of, “Caring-Our way of life.” With this organization in present communities, it allows people going through difficult times to receive support when they need it most.


“The main goal in Key Club is to help our community in any way that we can,” senior Jaedon Cuevas said. ”Since I’ve joined we have helped people who can’t afford to buy food of their own by packing boxes with food so that they could have something to eat.”


With all the hardships that some people face within communities, Key Club and its members try and alleviate some of these stresses through providing food for those who may be experiencing a time in which they can’t acquire food themselves. Or maybe giving somebody a blanket for a cold night. Anything can help people in need. This is the reason in which this club has come to be international, as well as a great resource in all communities, especially in our community.         


“In Key club, I’ve done many things in support of people who are less fortunate such as provide food for the homeless, donate blankets and do other community services, ” senior Matthew Becerra said.


“The club meets often, usually once a month at school and then another when we do our community service.”