Q&A with Luz Galan

Q&A with Luz Galan

Shareen Marshall, Staff Writer

What got you interested in joining Health Academy?

Luz Galan: I was always interested in the medical field, and I heard about it through my sisters. It caught my attention because of the opportunities it gives.

What was the hardest part of the Health Academy?

LG: The hardest part was definitely the class of Advanced Med because of all the skills I had to memorize.

What was the best thing about the Health Academy?

LG: The most fun thing about Health Academy was the college tour, because I got an idea of what type of college I wanted to attend.

Do you regret joining?

LG: I don’t regret it because of the opportunities it gave me.

If you could go back would you still join?

LG: If I could go back I think I would still join, but be more cautious of the things that I do.