Looking Toward the Future


Ibrahim Arif, Staff Writer

Sophomore Faraz Akbari is a hard-working student at Oakmont who wants to live his best life and do what he loves in the future.

¨I love playing soccer, and sometimes I also play tennis, ¨ Akbari said.

Akbari is a person who loves sports and puts experiences before money and materialistic things.

¨I would rather do something I like and make less money rather than something I don’t like and make a lot of money,¨ Akbari said.

During his free time Akbari likes to work on and build computers.

¨I like working on computers and technology in my freetime, because I’ve always been surrounded by them, ¨ Akbari said.

While he is not sure what career choice he wants, he aims to go to college to receive education to do something he enjoys, like working with technology.

¨I want to go to UC Berkeley, but a second choice would be UC Davis, ¨ Akbari said.