Winston Wong wins it all


The project that won Winston Wong his awards.

Nevaeh Hernandez, Staff Writer

Freshman Winston Wong recently participated in a local Science STEM Fair and walked away with first place in the Creative Arts category along with second in the Intelligence and Behavior category.

“[My] friends and family told me about the fair, so I decided to sign up to compete,” Wong said. “I decided to do my project on device addiction and how it affects us because of how much people use [devices].”

Wong conducted research about his project and the effect it has on humans. He conducted this research using the internet and with a few books from a library. Wong include useful information and several images such as actual brain scans and statistical charts to support his research.

“I didn’t even know I was going to win first place. I just [competed] to show my ideas with others,” Wong said. “I love being able to learn new things and be able to share all of my finding with others.”

Along with winning two awards, Wong will also be one of the lucky six students chosen to represent Placer County at the California State Science Fair on April 6, 2019 at American River College in Los Angeles. He will be presenting his project once again to several other judges and students. Here he will share his findings with others with winning as a “plus.”

“I am just really excited to be able to share my ideas with more people and listen to others, winning would just be a plus,” Wong said.