The long run ahead


Mr. Rehmus (photo by Calvin Wright)

Ibrahim Arif, Staff Writer

Clayton Rehmus is a Spanish teacher who joined Oakmont´s teaching staff in August 2018. Since he is new to the school, students may not know about his past.

¨I was born in Foley, Alabama in 1986, but decided to move away because education was not that great, ¨ Rehmus said.

Education was a big part of his life, and it still is today.

¨I went to UC Davis and earned my bachelor’s degree in history, ¨ Rehmus said.

Rehmus was also very interested in learning Spanish and Latin American culture at the time.

He says he started to see that teaching Spanish was a better choice than teaching history, so he began teaching Spanish in 2012.

¨I taught at Wheatland Union High School for six years before coming to Oakmont, ¨ Rehmus said.

Rehmus has many things he still wants to accomplish in life other than teaching, such as the Spartan Trifecta.

The Spartan Trifecta is a marathon where all levels of the Spartan Race are put together.

¨This is one thing I’m eager to accomplish and I´m practicing heavily for it, ¨ Rehmus said.