Q&A with Sam Alway and Kayla Hudzietz

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April 10, 2019
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Q&A with Sam Alway and Kayla Hudzietz

Bailey Hintz // Norse Notes

Bailey Hintz // Norse Notes

Bailey Hintz // Norse Notes

Sam Alway and Kayla Hudzietz are lifelong friends who have created their own cooking show on YouTube and Instagram, titled Sam and Kayla’s Bar and Grill.

How long have you two been friends?

Kayla Hudzietz: We’ve been friends since kindergarten.

Sam Alway: That’s about twelve years.


Who came up with the idea for your cooking show?

KH: The idea was pretty mutual, it was just something we would do for fun.

SA: Both of us, it started as a joke when we were really young and we would make simple things like popcorn, we really did it for ourselves to be funny and mess around.


How long does it take to film and edit your videos?

KH: Depending on what type of food we make the filming process is usually a day because we finish a recipe in one day.

SA: We usually edit the videos a day after we film it, it takes about two to three days to organize and edit all the footage.


What got you two interested in cooking?

KH: Well we both just really love eating and food.

SA: When we began to take culinary classes we both really got to expand on our love for food.


How many culinary classes have you taken?

KH: I have taken two here at Oakmont.

SA: I’ve also only taken two classes.


You can find Sam and Kayla’s show on Instagram @sam.and.kaylas.bar.and.grill.