Teachers’ hidden talents

Claire Arnold, Staff Writer & Designer

Here at Oakmont, we celebrate and display many of our students’ various talents. However, we do not know much about our teachers’ hidden talents.

“I don’t normally think of myself [as] having interesting talents,” English teacher Mr. Strawn said. “I am just me.”

Mr. Roth is a science teacher on campus who has a hidden talent that some students may not know about.

“I was a competitive pole vaulter,” Mr. Roth said. “I pole vaulted for Granite Bay high school.”

With this talent of his he got copious amounts of recognition during his competition years.

“I won two seats for the national championships,” Mr. Roth said. “I competed for Nike, and competed in the indoor world championships. I got a full ride scholarship to the University of Washington.”

Students may know Mr. Strawn as a teacher, but do they really know him as a person?

“I like skateboarding, it is my sport.” Mr. Strawn said. “I have been skateboarding since I was young. It is my favorite sport and I still ride a skateboard. I have been skateboarding since I was five or six.”

Mr. Strawn has also written books. His newest is a book of poetry. It is titled Flight.

“I am poet, I consider myself a poet,” Mr. Strawn said. “I have two more novels that I have been writing for 20-30 years.”

There are lots of campus staff who have interesting talents that they keep a secret. Do you know which of your teachers can sing, ride a unicycle, or do BMX? You will never know if you never ask.

“I’m different, and I know that and I don’t think I’m special anyhow,” Mr. Strawn said.