When in doubt, cheer your heart out!

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When in doubt, cheer your heart out!

Grace Smith and Bailey Hintz

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Oakmont hosts 30th annual cheer competition

Oakmont’s cheerleading team just had a competition on January 19, 2019. The team has been practicing over these past couple of weeks to get ready for the show.

“I really like to go to competitions, they are always really fun,” junior Danny Clark said. “It’s a lot of work [having the competition at Oakmont because we were here setting up until late last night.”

The team spent many hours helping set up the gym for the competition. Clark has been cheering for two years. He is a part of the show team and takes an interest in being a crowd leader.

Senior Chantel Jones, who is also a crowd leader, has been cheering for seven years total, but has been cheering for Oakmont all four years.

“I am really excited about the competition, I like tumbling and I think it is going to go really well,” Jones said. “My favorite part about cheering for Oakmont is engaging with everyone, meeting new people and pumping up the crowd.”

Oakmont’s current cheer adviser is Erica Seidel.

“I think [the competition] went better than expected, every year it gets better and better,” Seidel said. “I am very happy, my daughter was in the program with Weast, so when the spot opened up, it just made sense.”