Sports superstitions


Emily Rojas

Mathhew Hutchison preparing to defend the Oakmont vikings as they play against the opposing (school) team.

Ella Pock, Staff Writer

Oakmont athletes from varying sports have their ways of avoiding bad luck during games.

Superstitions have always been a huge part of sports and Oakmont athletes have many superstitions that they take part in.

“I always do a routine before I bat,” junior softball player Cami Kerze said. “I’ll be in the box and look up at my bat, and take a deep breath.”

For some athletes, it can be anything from doing a particular action before every play. To wearing a certain article of clothing.

“For me, my last five games I’ve had this ankle brace. And if I didn’t wear it, like I did at the Placer game we lost,” junior football player Matthew Hutchinson said.

Although some athletes do not believe in them, most students think that it is just the little things that each individual person believes helps them perform better.

“Before everything we say ‘be the show’ and then do a secret handshake,” junior band member Elyzabeth Merryman said.

When it comes to the reason behind having the superstitions, most of the athletes said that they are just something they have always done.

“I used to look on the end line on the other side and trace the line with my eyes before the serve,” sophomore volleyball player Camden Henson said. “I did it once and we got the serve over and the point, so I continued doing it.”

Even if it is not anything super serious, some athletes still do a little something before each game purely out of the superstition.

“Before a game I usually do a random cheer with my partner,” junior tennis player Lyly Nguyen said.

Superstitions have always been present in sports, and the athletes at Oakmont have brought theirs into the spotlight.