Jack von Quilich, Staff Writer and Designer

Many think about your first car as something just to get you places, but it has to be cool because you are in high school. That can mean you have to spend a bit of money for something that works for you and your personality. But what if you didn’t? You know what cars would turn heads in the parking lot? Your parent’s generation of cars.

The 80’s was a different time. Great gems were coming from all car manufacturers. Nowadays, your high school cars are run of the mill. They get you to point A to point B. But what if you could have a little style with that? These are just a few of the great cars that made the 80’s great and will make your high school days great as well.

First, the BMW. During the 80’s, BMW made several great cars. However, we will be focusing on the 325i (E30). The E30 was built back in the day for executives, lawyers, and CEOs, and it shows in the straight body lines of the car. To complement the exterior of the car, the interior was built with thought. With each aspect of the interior, it is clear hours of thought got put into it. Only German engineering could think of the unique placement and comfort that comes with the car.

Next, the Ford. Of course, we have to talk about the Ford Mustang, particularly the Fox body. Ford was in a fiery battle with Chevy to come out with a better vehicle. The Fox-body Mustang brought great design look to the battlefield. With its box cut lines, it was definitely an eye-catcher. Mix that with a 5 liter V8 and you get a performance monster. Nowadays, there are thousands of V8 performance parts to add if you so choose.

Finally, Toyota, particularly the 4Runner. Not only was it the thing to have back in the day, but now people are going crazy about one major thing. The roof is detachable. Stitch that together with the SR5 (one of the most dependable engines) and you have a hot item. Not many vehicles are as versatile as this. You could easily go from off-roading and move to the street and never miss a beat.

Each one of these three cost up to $5,000. This is just a small list of possible cars to get. There are so many more that can fit your fancy. All just the same, these are cost-efficient, beautiful, and had great engineering.