Nothing Beats Halloween

Lauren Kurowski, Staff Writer

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Halloween is the only holiday in which there are a numerous amount of things for everybody to enjoy. If Halloween has never particularly been your favorite, and even if it is your least favorite, take this into consideration and try investing your time into something that spooks your interest this year!


One of the most obvious reasons why Halloween lovers love Halloween is all of the spooky decorations, haunted houses, and endless amounts of scary movies. These can all be a blast if you are into that kinda thing, but what if scary occasions do not interest you?


Halloween is also the perfect time to get creative. Pick out your very own pumpkin and carve it to your choosing. Better yet, roast some homemade pumpkin seeds and enjoy a treat while carving! And what is a better way to get creative than picking out a costume and showing it off all night? You do not have to go all out to get in the Halloween spirit! Throw on some angel wings or paint on some festive makeup and you are already halfway there!


If you are the type of person that hates scary events, carving out pumpkins, and refuses to dress up for the holiday, the weather is another thing that many people look forward to. Even if Halloween in itself does not interest you, getting a break from the hot weather here in Roseville is always something to look forward to. At the very least, switch out your flip-flops for Ugg boots and take out those hoodies. Sit back and enjoy the cool weather.


And last, but certainly not least ㅡ CANDY. If Halloween is near, so are all the delicious treats. Sour, sweet, chewy, and hard, there is a type of candy for everyone to enjoy! Trick-or-treat, or sit back at home and pass out candy to trick-or-treaters.


Halloween is truly the most amazing holiday there is. There are so many enjoyable aspects surrounding the holiday and there is something for everybody to enjoy. So, this year on Halloween, choose to participate in the spooky season. I promise you will not regret it!