Dire World closed for 2018 season

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Dire World closed for 2018 season

Alyssa Andres, Staff Writer

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Dire World is a haunted house suitable for all ages. Some people have gone to this park since they opened eight years ago. When people heard that they would not be opening this year due to the remodeling of the Placer County Fairgrounds, many were disappointed and upset. Many students, parents, and faculty members of our community go to Dire World for a nice scare, or they go to work at the park for some extra cash during the spooky season. Some even bring their dates to the park for a friendly competition of who will get scared first.

“I feel like things will be different because they will have a whole other year to plan it and have more houses and different attractions,” senior Jackson Kerrigan said.

Kerrigan wants to go back to Dire World when it opens again, though he may not be around during next year’s opening because of college. He hopes for many things to be different upon his return. Previously named the Callson Manor, before changing its name to Dire World Scare Park for the past 2 years. With the remodel of the fairgrounds they were forced to shut down this year and prepare to move somewhere else. The workers plan on having things changed, removed, or added. Which could add to the terror that Dire World brings on its occupants and visitors.

Dire World is one of the few places that teaches members about special effects, extreme makeup, and acting all in one. Dire World can teach people a lot of things, and with the closing this year it will leave many people jobless during the spooky season.

“It is really upsetting because I work there so knowing that it won’t be opening up ruins my Halloween plans for this season,” junior Mickenzie Gale said.

“Dire World has always been my favorite haunted house so hearing that it won’t be opening this season sucks, but I do hope that next year it will have more haunted house that are longer and scarier,” junior Austin Wisnicky said.

Wisnicky believes that there is not anywhere else you can go to have a lot of fun like Dire World. For the past four years Wisnicky has been to Dire World with his friends. They always make a bet who will scream first. The first person to do so has to buy everyone food afterwards.

On Dire World’s website they put up that they will not be opening up this Halloween season due to the remodel of the Placer County fairgrounds. The Placer County Fairgrounds funded $8 Million in renovation this year on the fairgrounds that are now renamed @theGrounds.