My Experience getting the Covid-19 Vaccine

What the process was like in the perspective of a high school senior


The moment I received the vaccine

Kate MacPherson, Editor-in-Chief

With the vaccine rollout for Covid-19 continuing in California, I as an employee of Starbucks qualified to receive it in Placer County as a part of the food and agriculture industry.

Recent guidelines released by Placer County on March 4 now allow “workers in the food and agriculture sector – including restaurant, grocery, farm workers and more,” to receive the vaccination if they choose.

For me, it was an easy choice to receive the vaccine because though people my age (18), are not as likely to experience any adverse effects from the virus; the possibility of having it, spreading it, and having to quarantine was enough for me to want to prevent it.

I went to the vaccination site @theGrounds to receive the Pfizer vaccination. I had to bring my photo ID and print out my pay stub to confirm I was considered a food worker. When you book an appointment, they are set up in three minute intervals, so my appointment was at 12:33pm. In reality, they do this to keep their lines moving as everyone just waits together in one large line.

Upon arrival, I waited in a line that wrapped around the building for about 15 minutes. Everyone in line was wearing a mask and was encouraged to be socially distant from one another. I was noticing the demographics of the people in line ahead of me and only saw about two more people that looked like they could be similar to me in age, the rest being more middle and older-aged adults.

After reaching the front, checking in with my ID and pay stub, and being told where to go, the actual vaccination only took about a minute in total. They have a series of tables administering either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines and directed me where to go when a table opened up.

I have received vaccines and shots before so I was not sure what to expect in terms of pain but this dosage felt like nothing. I was originally a little nervous it would be painful, but after the lady cleansed the site on my arm, I did not even realize it was over. I now just have to wait three weeks to get my second dosage.

She told me any possible side effects, the side effects being very minor and short-term, and then directed me to the 15 minute self monitoring space. All you did here was sit in a seat and wait for 15 minutes following the injection to ensure there were no immediate side effects.

When my time was up here I actually went straight to work for a shift that ended at 5pm. While at work, I did not feel anything abnormal for hours after, and only expect my arm to be sore for a few days.

Overall, I feel lucky that I am one of the few people of this age group that was able to receive the vaccine this early in its rollout. It was a very fast, easy, and well-organized experience and the staff was very helpful and friendly. Additionally, with my job as a barista and attending school in-person, it feels good to know I will soon have less worry in my chances of catching or spreading the virus. 

If this can be a contribution in slowing the spread and helping our state and country get back to any terms of normalcy, then I am content in knowing I have done some small part.