Thanksgiving VS. Christmas

When should we celebrate the two holidays?


Courtesy of Pixabay

Each year, Thanksgiving and Christmas battle it out to be the holiday that people celebrate sooner.

Laurie Lencioni, Staff Writer

During these holiday times, people can never agree on when to start celebrating Christmas. Some believe that the minute Halloween is over, it is time for Christmas. However, I believe that Christmas celebrations should start after Thanksgiving. The minute that dessert is cleared, bring on the Christmas music.

Now, some of you may be wondering why. I’ll tell you. In my opinion, Thanksgiving deserves to be recognized and appreciated by everyone. That giant turkey should get the respect it deserves for its allotted time. Thanksgiving should be celebrated from November 1 to the last Thursday of the month. It should not be passed by or shoved under a rug. 

When I mean celebrate, I mean decorating for Thanksgiving. Not just spending that one day thinking about it and maybe decorating your table while your Christmas decorations laugh. Celebrating Thanksgiving involves the decoration of the holiday, just like one would for Christmas.

You wouldn’t skip a holiday because you decided that you wanted to celebrate the one after it earlier. You wouldn’t just skip decorating for and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day because you decided that Easter deserved more time. 

While some people may not like Thanksgiving, the holiday is generally a wonderful time to get together with family and friends. Yes, you can do the same during Christmas. However, with Thanksgiving, everyone around you is spending a lot of time eating. During Thanksgiving, you can eat as much as you want and not get judged for it. Do you know why? Because everyone around you is doing the same thing.

Another reason people say they start celebrating Christmas early is because the Christmas holiday is too short for them. However, the Christmas holiday for me starts the minute the dessert is cleared all the way to New Years Eve, which is a little more than a month. Christmas deserves its own month, so I celebrate all the way to the end of the year, sometimes longer depending on how long it takes to get that tree down. 

Now, to those people who say the year 2020 has been terrible and you need some type of morale booster, you are just fooling yourselves. Every year you try to pull out the Christmas tree earlier, but someone in your life stops you. The only difference this year is that that person gave up. Or that’s just something you wanted to use this year. 

I prefer to split my Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, keeping them in a designated time. While I do love Christmas, I believe that Thanksgiving deserves to be celebrated and enjoyed just as much. However, the holidays are all about bringing joy to yourself and other people. So no matter what you decide to do, make sure to be understanding of others and their choices.