Save the Turtles

Effie Li, Staff Writer

Metal straws have been coming into popularity due to more people becoming conscious of the damage that each person can do by using one plastic straw each day. The growing concern about harmful effects of plastic straws have been motivating people to switch to healthier, more environmentally friendly, and reusable alternatives.

“I like metal straws because they’re reusable, not expensive, and help to reduce waste in the oceans” said freshman Keira Lieb.

When using metal straws, many negative effects that come from using plastic straws can be mitigated. Not only will using metal straws reduce the pollution from the production of metal but you can reduce the amount of trash that ends up in landfills. If plastic straws are improperly disposed, they can end up in lakes and oceans where fish and birds may confuse them for food. They are highly toxic to wildlife and can even choke the animals that try to eat them. Metal straws can reduce the risk of harming wildlife and pollution in nature.

“I really care about wildlife well-being so I opt to use metal straws” said sophomore Jaeia Pangilinan.

Metal straws can be purchased from many places, from Amazon to Target. Most of the straws on Amazon are less than $10 for packs of up to twelve and one or two cleaners.