Q&A with Kiki Parsons

Senior Kiki Parsons is a regular face in the Roseville pageant community.  


One of Kiki Parsons' portraits.

Bailey Hintz, Staff Writer

How long have you been doing pageants?


Kiki Parsons: I have been doing [pageants] for about two years now.


How long does it usually take to prepare for a pageant?


KP: It takes at least two months to be prepared for all the different parts, but fitness wise it could take longer.


How many pageants have you won?


KP: Two.


What events does a normal pageant consist of ?


KP: We do an introduction where we say our names, our contestant number, and our sponsor.  Then we do fitness wear and a gown.


Who would you say is your biggest supporter?


KP: My mom is definitely my biggest supporter.  She is at every pageant and always helps me prepare.