Grip it and rip it

Jascha Molina, Staff Writer & Arts and Entertainment Editor

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The girls’ golf season has come to an end and the team successfully placed third in league and nearly reached second place.

“What our team has accomplished this season is that we almost made it to playoffs, we had a chance to be second place in league,” junior team captain Tara Cormier said. This helped us come together and work hard in practice.”

The girls golf season started off with a non-conference match against rival school Roseville and their last match took place at Turkey Creek Golf Course against Lincoln High School on September 27th. Overall, the girls placed 1-2 in league.

“My teammates help me gain motivation and when we are having fun, we enjoy our time there [on the golf course] and are motivated to work hard,” team captain senior Lenora Watson said.

Golf is a unique sport that challenges players both physically and mentally. Players train hard to master skills such as balance, coordination, and strength in order to anticipate the perfect swing. Furthermore, it is crucial to maintain patience and cope well under pressure while competing out in the golf course.

“My favorite part about golf is the team and coaches and how well we work together,” sophomore Jaap Bains said.