Halloween: All Trick, No Treat

Stephen Morettini, Staff Writer

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Halloween has to be hands down the worst holiday every year. Halloween is the most offensive consumer trap on the Gregorian calendar. On the surface, Halloween appears to be a fun day of activities such as trick-or-treating or going to a Halloween party. In reality, it is just a ploy by big corporations to take people’s money plus they don’t care who they offend while doing it.


Big companies sink their teeth into their customers with their outrageous prices. The average cost of a Halloween costume is $50. People are lured into buying these outfits with creative and spooky designs just to suck their wallet dry for a piece of cloth they will only wear once. Costume companies are expected to make 6.9 billion dollars in profit this Halloween.


Another reason why Halloween is a terrible holiday is its offensive costumes and cultural appropriation. Some people have the opinion that the appropriation of cultures for a unique looking costume is not a big deal. In fact, some of these lazy and inappropriate representations of heritage can upset a lot of people emotionally. One of the worst costumes I have ever seen is the inappropriately designed headdresses.


Probably the most irritating thing about Halloween would have to be the cheesy horror movies. The horrendous acting and awful special effects are enough to bother anybody. Looking at the cheaply done CGI can be cringe-worthy.


Last but not least the gross trick or treating candy. The little yellow, orange, and white pieces of candy corn are probably the worst tasting poison a person could possibly give somebody to eat. Halloween has no chance to even be a remotely decent holiday.