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Elm Street’s dream demon Freddy Krueger.

Movie poster for “A Nightmare on Elm Street.


Movie poster for “A Nightmare on Elm Street.”

Autumn Castle, Staff Writer


Who was Freddy Krueger?

Freddy Krueger was a fictional character in the “A Nightmare on Elm Street” film series. He was the spirit of a child killer who was burned to death by the parents of his victims after avoiding prison. He continued to murder his victims in their dreams, causing their deaths in the real world, too. In people’s dreams, he was recognized as a powerful demonic entity and seemingly invincible. However, if Freddy were to be pulled back into the real world, he could be destroyed. He was identified by his burned, disfigured face and his leather and metal claw glove. He spent his first three movies in the franchise chasing after Nancy Thompson, who survived him in the first movie and became his nemesis. 


The first three movies

The first three movies were undoubtedly the best in the franchise. From the first look at Freddy Krueger himself, he left an impression on the audience. He wasn’t your standard slasher villain with a typical backstory. People were impressed with the plot of the story and the look differed from what people were used to from slashers. People were so impressed with the look that people dress as him for Halloween to this day. The unique style of a killer coming for people in the form of their nightmares was an interesting take on a slasher; he reminded people of real killers who stalk quiet neighborhoods while they sleep. His interesting character, alongside the plot, was something a lot of people hadn’t seen before the movies, the first movie ended up being successful enough to make two more just as successful movies. Sadly, like every slasher, it eventually had its downfall. 


The downfall of “A Nightmare on Elm Street”

Although the initial movies were good, the franchise got ahead of itself. Like almost every franchise, it had a massive crash in quality and views. As the series kept going, the production quality got worse and the plot got repetitive. Some movies were just weird and didn’t make sense to continue with the rest of the franchise. The movie where the franchise hit its crash was “Freddy vs. Jason”; as the whole film almost made no sense. The collision of two almost opposite characters didn’t make much sense and heavily confused its viewers. Would the movie have done better with a different character? Possibly, but already it is strange to put two slasher characters from completely different worlds together to fight to the death. After that movie came out in 2003, it seemed the franchise gave up on Freddy, only one 2010 remake was made, which wasn’t as successful as people had expected, and no reboot has been made yet.


Do we see a future for Freddy Krueger?

Since 2003, only one remake has happened which went on to be seen as an unsuccessful project. Other than that, there was no reboot produced featuring the dream-stalking killer. Although it has been said the reboot is in development, there has been no project release date and fans doubt it will come anytime soon, considering a franchise that had a downfall like that would be hard to come back from. Although there is no set time or date for one to be released or even created, down the line like every slasher, there will likely be a reboot.