Seniors ready for Powder Puff

The senior Powder Puff team faces off with the underclassmen.

Corentin De Belder, Staff Writer

The senior girls look forward to getting the victory over the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen on Apr. 7.

The rules of Powder Puff are very similar to football as they can’t down block or tackle.

“The rules are generally the same as high school football except that you can’t downfield block with any of your players and no tackling,” coach Tristan Ogles said. 

Senior Kierstin Karmolinski loves learning about the sport through Powder Puff as there aren’t many girl’s football leagues.

My favorite part about powderpuff is learning something new every practice. Because there’s not very many girls football leagues, Powder Puff has allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and learn the ins and outs of a new sport, “ Karmolinski said.

The senior girls have been taking advantage of their opportunity by practicing hard and learning about the sport for Powder Puff.

“We have prepared by practicing and taking all opportunities we can to practice and learn this sport,” senior Kyndal Colorado said. 

Players have been looking forward to playing this season as they couldn’t in previous years due to COVID-19.

“I decided to join because it’s fun to do with friends and we haven’t gotten the opportunity to do it since freshman year, so I was really looking forward to it,“ Colorado said. 

Being part of a Powder Puff team created unforgettable memories for many players involved.

“I decided to join Powder Puff because when I played with all my friends during freshman year it was one of the best experiences I’ve had in high school, “ Karmolinski said. “We made memories on the field that were talked about and remembered until this day and I know that this year we will do the same thing.”

The senior coaches are confident that their team will win as they were impressed by their players’ performances.

“Their performances so far have exceeded all expectations,“ Coach Ogles said. “We have the size and skills we need to dominate this year so I have no doubt that we are going to win.”