Beautiful Campus ≠ Trash Can


Erick Beltran, Staff Writer

Here on campus, food, plastic bags, and lunch trays can be found laying around every day, and many people are displeased by this litter.

Junior Holly Watson, sophomore Jazmyn Wood, and freshman Ismael Gomez had an idea regarding the reduction of litter on campus.

“I think there is a lot of litter and everyone contributes to it whether or not they think they do,” Watson said.

Trash cans are placed all over campus and yet, some students still do not properly throw their trash away.

“If there is a trash can within ten feet, you should not litter,” Wood said.

Littering is done more often than students think.

“I always see stuff flying around when I’m going to my classes, and it just gets in the way,” Gomez said.

Having the students be more responsible with their trash will help to diminish this issue.

“Have more people watching and telling students to pick up their trash and maybe more rules during lunch and after [will help reduce the amount of trash on campus],” Gomez said.