Benefits of Being Healthy


Ibrahim Arif, Staff Writer

For sophomore James Blevins, eating healthy is an important aspect of everyday life. He believes it allows people to feel and act better.

¨I feel like health is one of the main parts of your life,¨ Blevins said.

Being healthy lets Blevins be able to experience as many things as he can. He thinks it feels like freedom.

¨If you’re not healthy, there are a lot of problems that can happen later in your life,¨ Blevins said.

Did you know that your activity level and mood are raised when you eat healthy? This is easily attainable by just eating a few fruits and veggies a day.

Sophomore Ken Masangya is an avid soccer player who agrees deeply with this.

¨When I eat a few healthy snacks before I go to soccer practice,…I always have a fun time¨ Masangya said.

Sophomore Adam Davies is a varsity baseball player who thinks that people eating unhealthy foods is a problem. He feels if we fix this problem, it will lead to a healthier America.

¨Fast food makes people lazy and not want to eat healthy snacks. When you don’t eat fast food every day, people start to have healthy habits,¨ Davies said.